Unity Debugger for MonoDevelop 5 (Xamarin 2) Updated

I’ve update the Unity Soft Debugger add-in so that it is compatible with MonoDevelop 5 (or Xamarin Studio 2). It is available in the Beta channel of the add-in manager.

As this is a direct update from the previous version of MonoDevelop the plugin should still work for Unity 3.5 users. Similarly some the start/stop bug may also exist. Soon I’ll merge in any updates/bug fixes from the Unity repository.

More information about this add-in can be found on the original blog post: MonoDevelop 4 (Xamarin Studio) Debugging for Unity

GitHub: MonoDevelop forkMonoDevelop.Debugger.Soft.Unity forkDebuggerLibs

Update 2015-07-22

After speaking to on of the kind developers at Unity3D who works on the MonoDevelop port it turns out that they have released some of their plugins for the latest version of Xamarin Studio through their website, as a beta, so that developers can use them.


For this reason I will no longer be maintaining this project. The sources in Github will remain available for users of Unity 3.5 and Unity 4.

16 thoughts on “Unity Debugger for MonoDevelop 5 (Xamarin 2) Updated

  1. Mili

    Also seems to works for 4.x if attached after play button and detached before stop playing.
    However I am still curious why it keeps crashing unity when not attached in play mode.

    1. admin Post author

      Assert related to thread-local storage when the mono-vm is started/stopped. It only seems to happen when using the updated IDE, so there may be some side effects to the way in which commands are sent to the VM from the debugger. I’ve been (slowly) working on a wireshark protocol dissector to see how these calls differ from one version of the IDE to another. From my end I would think that there is a bug in the old mono fork on the Unity side, their debugging protocol is notably older from the current Xamarin maintained code base. Though since I’ve created this plugin Unity has updated their MonoDevelop version to use a supposedly similar build to that of Xamarin, there may be code fixes in their debugger which could resolve the problem. Once I am done wrapping up my current project at work, towards the end of this summer, I will look to porting forward any updates on the Unity side and see if that corrects the issue.

      1. Presario

        Hi, At first thank you so MUCH !!! for great work on debugger and bringing it to Xamarin 5.x !!!!
        Do you have any progress update on fixing this issue?

  2. MSFX

    Hey, you’ve said for Xamarin Studio 2… the latest version is XS 5.2, is that the version you really mean? Would love to get this working (haven’t tried yet) as XS is much superior to MD 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for letting me know, I might need to update the plugin manifest to show up with the latest version–this happens from time to time. I am still working on the project in my free time, though that isn’t as often as I would like. Actually this week I’ve been trying to resolve the start/stop crash in Unity 4 and 5. (Still works perfectly in Unity 3.5).

      In any case I’ll look into the availability issue and try to fix it tonight. Make sure you have the beta channel enabled in your plugin manager as well.

      1. Ben

        Thank you so much for dedicating your time to this project, it really is very much appreciated :-). If you would like a Unity 5 tester for any early versions then I’d be happy to help.

    2. admin Post author

      So the reason you cannot find the plugins is that there seems to be a problem with builds in the community add-in system. I’ve notified the folks at Xamarin and they are going to look into it. Hopefully it will be resolved in the next couple of days, sorry about the delay.

  3. Tim

    When I try this (installing the plugin via xamarin studio) on Attach to Process, it only lists ‘Unity USB: any iOS device’ – there’s no option to attach to the editor. Is anyone else seeing this? (Xamarin Studio 5.9, Unity 4.6.3)

    1. admin Post author

      It has been pulled from the site because it simply doesn’t work with Unity3D 5. I am still trying to resolve the crashing that occurs, and should I succeed I will repost the plugin.

      Sorry for the wait in the mean time.


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